Saturday, July 23, 2011

A run without sun...thank goodness!

I promised I'd tell you about my you'd know I did it...and I didn't..
..tell you that is, but I did run!

My awesome husband bought me a 2nd Nike+ with the transmitter, so I could use my nano (which is much smaller then my iPhone) when I workout. However, it works better if you calibrate it, and for a variety of reasons, most of which are "treadmills suck", you shouldn't calibrate it on a treadmill. So, I have been putting off calibrating my sensor, because while I dislike treadmills, I dislike summer in Houston a great deal more. I find myself far more motivated to run in a nicely air-conditioned gym then to drag my butt out to the 80+ degree heat (at 5am or 8pm, take your pick) to run outside.

I finally accepted I needed to just get over my dislike of heat and go run outside. So I did the walking calibration first, and walked for a mile, and then ran at a steady pace for a mile to do the run calibration. Then I walked another mile. I felt like I could do more, but decided not to push it, because I have only been "back in the game" for about two weeks...most of which were spent at the gym...doing classes. These classes are quite hard, and definitely a workout, but I haven't worked out 6 days in a row in a long time (I was previously alternating, now I'm not.) So, I figured that that three miles was plenty, and I'd just follow my training plan (which I start Monday) and not push it. After all, there is no faster way to get hurt, and hurt people don't run races..not well, anyways.

So, the long and the short of it is: I ran. Not far, but I did. Today I did Step class...and discovered my coordination is my weakness...and my faith in my foot placement is too! :P

Coming up next: a curiosity about what one should wear to a Triathlon? Or maybe food...I do like food!

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