Friday, July 1, 2011

The Last Supper

I am regarding today's lunch as my "last supper". I brought one of my favorite lunches...Cheese Enchiladas! However, I also just got my health report back from my doctor. Genetically, I am pre-disposed to being at risk of high cholesterol, and it seems that risk has become a reality:

Vital Signs:
Height:  58.66 inches
Blood Pressure:  129/80
Weight: 126 pounds
Pulse:  92
BMI: 25.80

Laboratory Tests
Lipid Profile:
Total cholesterol:             212   (normal 125 - 199)
Triglycerides:                   129   (normal 40 - 149)
HDL cholesterol:              57    (normal 40 - 70)
Total Chol/HDL ratio:       3.7 ratio   (normal 2.0 - 5.0)
LDL cholesterol:               138    (normal 60 - 99)
VLDL cholesterol:             25    (normal 0 - 30)
I guess it is a good thing I decided to become more active, right?

However, physical activity alone will not be enough to help me get healthy. I am also changing my diet to eat healthier, which means giving up my other vice: frozen raw sugar cookie dough. Yes, I am aware that eating raw dough is generically discouraged. I say, the crime is worth the punishment. Of course, I have never had salmonella, so perhaps I am to quick to judge? Nah...cookie dough is good!
I have been reading up on all manner of "home remedies" I can use to help me get my cholesterol and blood pressure under control. For example, eating garlic can help lower blood pressure and eating brussel sprouts can lower cholesterol. In addition, drinking green tea (tea in general is another addiction of mine) can also help lower cholesterol.

I welcome suggestions and resources, so if you have information to share, please do!

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