Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Last Shuttle Mission, no more excuses..

Shuttle undocked from Station this morning at o'dark hundred. Never again will I be able to say that I didn't work out because I was working a mission. That is a very sad thing, and not because of the not working out.

I did however (for the most part) manage to not eat complete crap during the mission. My frontroom was even convinced (incorrectly) that I was a vegan. That is a very healthy lifestyle, and I have done the vegan thing before, but I don't know enough yet about a properly balanced vegan diet to be training for a half marathon and not eating things I am certain contain protein! However, I am limiting my "known protein sources" to "known good for you" things, such as egg whites, fat-free greek yogurt (I like Fage), fish, and chicken.

Today, I went to Zumba with SG. My plan (as of today, please help me stick with it) is to run Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday...and do something else Tuesday and Thursday. Sunday will be my rest day.

I am not looking forward to either getting up super early tomorrow...or running in the summer heat if I fail at the up early part. However, even "up early" is still very warm...and very humid. Me no likee (I come from a land, from a faraway place...where humidity doesn't exist!)

See you all tomorrow with a run report! This party is started! Ooo-RAH!!

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